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Chapter 1: Functions and Models

Visual Calculus / Pre-Calculus
An excellent site that has tutorials covering virtually everything about functions. It also has interactive online applets, practice problems with solutions, examples, quizzes, and tutorials on using graphing calculators.

Section 1.1: Four Ways to Represent a Function


Section 1.3: New Functions from Old Functions

Composite functions
This is a thorough explanation of the concept of composite functions and their domains, along with a couple of worked out examples.

Section 1.4: Graphing Calculators and Computers

Texas Instruments
The official site of the maker of widely used graphing calculators.
This is the self-described "official" unofficial headquarters for TI graphing calculators. A multitude of programs for a wide range of Texas Instruments calculators can be found here for download.

CASIO: Support Classroom With Technology
Casio's official site for their line of calculators, including product information, a program library, and much more.

Hewlett Packard Calculators
Hewlett Packard's official site for their calculators, including product information, technical support, and resources for creating and downloading calculator programs.

Section 1.6: Inverse Functions and Logarithms

Inverses of Functions
A thorough and easy-to-understand explanation of inverse functions. This page also uses Flash and Java animations to illustrate the material.

Problems About Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Practice problems with solutions, organized by level of difficulty.

Section 1.7: Parametric Curves

Parametric and Polar Equations
This page features a comprehensive introduction to parametric equations and polar coordinates. Includes a large number of worked out examples.

Plotting Parametric Curves
An online tool that plots a parametrically defined curve based on parametric equations that you specify.