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Miscellaneous resources for students and teachers.
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Student Resources

Enhanced WebAssign®
Printed Access Code ISBN: 978-1-285-85826-5
Instant Access Code ISBN: 978-1-285-85825-8
Enhanced WebAssign is designed for you to do your homework online. This proven and reliable system uses pedagogy and content found in this text, and then enhances it to help you learn calculus more effectively. Automatically graded homework allows you to focus on your learning and get interactive study assistance outside of class. Enhanced WebAssign for Biocalculus: Calculus for the Life Sciences, 1e contains the Cengage YouBook, an interactive ebook that contains animated figures, video clips, highlighting and note-taking features, and more!
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Student Solutions Manual – 978-1-285-84252-3
Provides completely worked-out solutions to all odd-numbered exercises in the text, giving students a chance to check their answers and ensure they took the correct steps to arrive at an answer.

A Companion to Calculus
By Dennis Ebersole, Doris Schattschneider, Alicia Sevilla, and Kay Somers
ISBN 978-0-495-01124-8
Written to improve algebra and problem-solving skills of students taking a calculus course, every chapter in this companion is keyed to a calculus topic, providing conceptual background and specific algebra techniques needed to understand and solve calculus problems related to that topic. It is designed for calculus courses that integrate the review of precalculus concepts or for individual use. Order a copy of the text or access the eBook online at by searching the ISBN.

Linear Algebra for Calculus
by Konrad J. Heuvers, William P. Francis, John H. Kuisti,
Deborah F. Lockhart, Daniel S. Moak, and Gene M. Ortner
ISBN 978-0-534-25248-9
This comprehensive book, designed to supplement a calculus course, provides an introduction to and review of the basic ideas of linear algebra. Order a copy of the text or access the eBook online at by searching the ISBN.

Instructor Resources

Enhanced WebAssign®
Printed Access Code ISBN: 1-285-85826-3
Instant Access Code ISBN: 978-1-285-85825-8
Exclusively from Cengage Learning, Enhanced WebAssign offers an extensive online program for Biocalculus: Calculus for the Life Sciences, 1e to encourage the practice that is so critical for concept mastery. The meticulously crafted pedagogy and exercises in our proven texts become even more effective in Enhanced WebAssign, supplemented by multimedia tutorial support and immediate feedback as students complete their assignments. Key features include:

  • Thousands of homework problems that match your textbook's end-of-section exercises

  • Opportunities for students to review prerequisite skills and content both at the start of the course and at the beginning of each section

  • Read It eBook pages, Watch It Videos, Master It tutorials, and Chat About It links

  • A customizable Cengage YouBook with highlighting, note-taking, and search features, as well as links to multimedia resources

  • Personal Study Plans (based on diagnostic quizzing) that identify chapter topics that students will need to master

  • A WebAssign Answer Evaluator that recognizes and accepts equivalent mathematical responses in the same way an instructor grades

  • A Show My Work feature that gives instructors the option of seeing students' detailed solutions

  • Lecture videos, and more!

Cengage Customizable YouBook
YouBook is an eBook that is both interactive and customizable! Containing all the content from Biocalculus: Calculus for the Life Sciences, 1e, YouBook features a text edit tool that allows instructors to modify the textbook narrative as needed. With YouBook, instructors can quickly re-order entire sections and chapters or hide any content they don't teach to create an eBook that perfectly matches their syllabus. Instructors can further customize the text by adding instructor-created or YouTube video links. Additional media assets include: animated figures, video clips, highlighting and note-taking features, and more! YouBook is available within Enhanced WebAssign.

Complete Solutions Manual – 978-1-285-84255-4
Includes worked-out solutions to all exercises in the text.

Instructor Companion Website (
This comprehensive instructor website contains additional material to complement the text, marked by a . This includes additional biological background for the examples or exercises, including animations, further references, and downloadable data files; all art from the text in both jpeg and PowerPoint formats.